Self Portrait Grieving
for those who died


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Like every human being on earth, I trace my ancestry to Africa, though I have lived most of my life in the USA. So You could say I am African American.

All my work since my teens has been to some extent autobiographical. In recent years my particular concerns are with the neglected, the very old and the very young, with animals and birds who live lives far from power and wealth. The nursery, the nursing home and the no man's land of nature are where I have been mostly occupied these last 5 or 10 years. I am interested in those which this society perceives as failures, outsiders, wasted or lost.

You can find various writings and paintings of biographical interest in these chapters, as follows:


For a general idea of who I am and a few places I have loved and lived see:



Here is a portrait of one of the most amazing, favorite people in the universe. My beloved daughter. She is shown with a father Pileated Woodpecker feeding his baby. She was born not too far from this place, which I call Heroes Wetland, not too far from Cleveland Ohio, where I have lived many years.

For a portrait of my wife and I in 2001 see

I spend allot of time these days caring for the very young and very old. It is hard work to care for those who need so much. Such work is usually done, in most societies, by women. As a man, I am lucky to have been able to do this work. I understand much more now what women must go through. I also understand much more now how patriarchy works and how important it is to oppose it, wherever it occurs.

For a few poems about my mother, who suffers from advanced Alzheimer's Disease and who I have cared for many years, see:

Me Mom and my baby in
 Eureka, California, where we live.


Mom died May 23 2007

I wrote a poem about her death




Self Portrait with Deer at Dawn