3 of my Life Drawings after sculpture of Apollo done in the Cleveland Museum of Art. Fall 2012.

This work is claimed to have been done by Praxiteles who was active about 380/70-330/25 B.C. E.
 That attribution is speculative, but it is a marvelous statue and was a joy to draw)



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New Feb. 2017

 Blog: Painting Thought Nature


NEW Dec.2016
Staying Amazed: Universal Realism and the Science of Seeing
Beyond style: An exhibit of realist art


NEW June 2016-April 2017

Three Books-- 1996-2017

Persistant Fictions

Varieties of Religious Delusions and Fictions:

Ruminations on-Mytho-politics, Anti-Science,
Deceptive Ideologies and Totalism


   Painting Life,  2011-17
This is a page of some recent plein air and studio paintings about Cuyahoga National Park and our lives as well and a few essays on other artists, self portraits, art history, technical questions, among other matters. It is being reorganized.


Odes to Science

long poems  (2003 to 2013) unfinished




Nature's Rights
a book of paintings and poems about nature and animals (1998 to 2004)
Some Intellectual Struggles
Stray Writings on Culture, History and Cults -1991 to 2013) (  under re-construction)

under construction Point Reyes Paintings
(1986 to 1990, 1996 to 1999 )


Under Construction Philosophical Drawings
autobiographical writings and drawings (1978 to 1991)

Before the Milky Way, 2011, Oil 18x24"

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